We're excited to announce that Loop Genomics has been acquired by Element Biosciences!

Get better data with long reads

Sample prep kit for long reads from short-read sequencers and no extra hardware.

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Next day shipping for the sample prep kit.

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Securely upload FASTQ results to the Loop's cloud pipeline.

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Download FASTQ and CSV files with classification and quantification data.

Featured Service: 16S Long Read Sequencing

Learn more for less when you sequence the entire 16S region

$69 per sample for 200 samples to $35 per sample for 1,000+ samples

Outsource your sequencing

Long-read vs. short read 16s

as featured on GenomeWeb

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Process your  samples in Loop's service lab. Learn more about our service options.
Click below to hear a recording of a recent Webinar in which OneCodeX directly compares long-read and short read 16S results
See how Loop helps Whole Biome advance diabetes research.