16S & 16S/18S Read Cloud

Looking to reduce sequencing costs while still leveraging the main benefits of Loop's technology?

Try our 16S LoopSeq Read Cloud or 16S/18S LoopSeq Read Cloud Kits and Services. These kits (and services) use the same, powerful single molecule counting technology that's in our standard 16S and 16S/18S LoopSeq Microbiome Kits but at a cost that's 100x lower because we sequence less. 


You still get sequence from even low abundance molecules, a large reduction in false positive classifications, and eliminated PCR bias. All that changes is slightly less phasing information and consensus error correction.

How it works

We use the same technology for our 16S & 16S/18S Read Cloud Kits, we just sequence less, producing a less dense cloud of short reads. With the same number of barcodes as the standard kit, you'll still see even low-abundance molecules. However, with fewer reads/barcode, not every molecule has enough reads to make a full-length contig.

The Read Cloud Kit: the same number of barcodes with fewer reads per barcode.


Multiplex workflow

Pool all samples into a single tube in the first step.


Read V1-V9.

Species classification

Higher resolution microbiome classification.

True quantification

Barcode based quantification with no PCR bias.

Easy to use

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Next day shipping for the sample prep kit.

Upload results

Securely upload FASTQ results to the Loop's cloud pipeline.

Receive data

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The exciting thing about [the tech] is that all you need to get started is a sample prep kit.

...better quantify low abundance species than standard Illumina sequencing.

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Process your samples in Loop's lab. Learn more about the service options.

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See how Loop helps Whole Biome advance diabetes research.