Loop Genomics looks to displace Sanger sequencing with a massively parallel, low-cost long-read NGS approach


August 4, 2020; San Jose, CA.  Loop Genomics has come one step closer to replacing Sanger sequencing with NGS. Loop’s new product enables massively parallel multiplexing of colonies and cloned DNA’s into a single tube and sequencing them on NGS instruments, reducing the time and cost of sequencing cloned DNA.  


“The decades old practice of sequencing amplicons from colonies is still prohibitively expensive in high throughput setups”, says Tuval Ben Yehezkel PhD, CEO of Loop Genomics. “Labs are looking for affordable and scalable solutions for sequencing hundreds to thousands of clones at a time using NGS, but standard NGS preps are too expensive for high-throughput colony sequencing and Sanger sequencing is ill-suited for high-throughput sequencing.  Loop’s solution leapfrogs existing technology in terms of multiplexing ability and cost reduction. This is the solution that high-throughput labs have been waiting for to finally transition the sequencing of cloned DNA to NGS.”


Loop Genomics now offers this solution as both a clone sequencing service and a kit to be used by core facilities, service labs and labs engaged in high-throughput clone sequencing wanting to bring this technology in house.


“We are replacing the existing labor intensive, expensive, one clone at a time processing of cloned DNA with low price, high throughput, multiplexed NGS of cloned DNA.  We are very pleased with how many Synthetic Biology companies see the value of our method and have already adopted and validated our technology for this critical application in their space”, says Tuval Ben Yehezkel PhD, CEO and founder of Loop Genomics.


Notes to editors:

Founded in 2015, Loop Genomics is a San Francisco bay area company that commercializes technology for Next-Generation Sequencing.