High Resolution, Long-read Microbiome Sequencing

4 Microbiome Kit & Service options, endless opportunities for discovery

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Whether you're interested in our 16S Kits to study the gut microbiome, our 16S/18S Kits to analyze soil or water microbiome samples, or our new 18S-ITS1-ITS2 Mycobiome Kit for fungal metagenomics, you get Loop's proven long read technology. 

With all of our LoopSeq Kits and Services, we combine the power of single molecule counting, long reads, and consensus error correction to give you unparalleled sequence data and unrivaled insight. You get the lowest possible false positive rate and the most accurate classification of any metagenomics kit or service on the market as a result of PCR bias-free sequencing of entire molecules, such as the 16S ribosomal RNA gene and the entire 2.5 kb fungal 18S-ITS1-5.8S-ITS2 region. 


If you're interested in identifying even low-abundance organisms at reduced costs, take a look at our Read Cloud Kits.


Regardless of the Microbiome Kit you chose, what no other company but Loop can give you is our single-molecule counting technology which eliminates PCR bias and reports molecules based on true abundance.  This means that even molecules in very low abundance are reported, not lost in the noise introduced by PCR, and you get all of the species that are truly in your sample reported.

Species level taxonomy and discovering species from the rare biosphere are easily within your reach.

See one example of how we compare to other 16S kits:


How it works:


Input microbiome DNA.



Every sample is exposed to millions of unique barcodes, but only one barcode attaches per DNA molecule.


Every molecule, along with its unique barcode, is amplified using PCR.


For each molecule copy, the barcode is randomly distributed within the molecule.


Sequence the segment next to each barcode.


Short reads that share the same barcode are combined algorithmically into a full-length molecule using linked-read de novo assembly.


Multiplex workflow

Pool all samples into a single tube in the first step.


Read V1-V9.

Read 2.5 Kb from 18S through ITS1 & ITS2.

Species classification

Higher resolution microbiome classification.

True quantification

Barcode based quantification with no PCR bias.

Easy to use

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Securely upload FASTQ results to the Loop's cloud pipeline.

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The exciting thing about [the tech] is that all you need to get started is a sample prep kit.

...better quantify low abundance species than standard Illumina sequencing.

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