Loop Genomics launches long-read Microbiome sequencing service at short-read price


Loop Genomics deploys new product and improved chemistry to lower 16S service price for large volume studies


November 4, 2019; San Jose, CA.  Loop Genomics, the long-read sequencing company with a hardware free solution, has launched a new long-read 16S sequencing service for studies with large cohorts.

With their new long-read, full-length 16S microbiome sequencing service offering labs running at least 200 – 1000 samples will pay $38 - $20/sample depending on volume.  This is for a complete solution that includes library prep, sequencing and data analysis.

Leveraging their ability to generate full-length long-reads using Illumina sequencers, delivering 40X lower error rates and eliminating false positive results typical of short-read microbiome sequencing guarantees getting accurate and reliable species and sometimes strain level taxonomy. Labs don’t need to spend the extra money for expensive metagenomics studies just to get species level taxonomy though Loop’s general purpose long-read technology can do metagenomics as well, if gene content is really what a researcher wants to understand.  

 “We want researchers to get the best data possible and using long-reads for long contiguous sequence through Loop’s barcoding technology and lowering sequencing error rates, all things our LoopSeq kits and services provide, are the way to get better data.  Combine this with Loop’s free analysis software and we have simply have the best most cost effective solution on the market today.”, says Tuval Ben Yehezkel PhD, CEO and founder of Loop Genomics.