Long-read Sequencing

LoopSeq    Long-read PCR Amplicon Sequencing Service


Accurate full-length sequencing and profiling of  1 - 8 kb PCR products on short-read sequencers

Advance with confidence

With incredibly low sequencing error rates and highly accurate abundance measurements, Loop's Long-read PCR Amplicon Sequencing Service delivers the reliable data you need to enhance insight into your science and advance your basic or translational research project.

Just send in your long PCR amplicons and we'll send back the sequence data - we take care of everything else!

  • HLA typing

  • Mutagenesis detection

  • Immune repertoire sequencing

  • CRISPR validation

  • Virus & phage sequencing

  • Long-range mutagenesis

  • Microbial markers

  • Gene haplotyping

  • Fusion sequencing

  • MORE

Sequence individual long amplicons
Sequence pools of long amplicons
Measure amplicon abundance in pools

Get full reports

  • FASTA, FASTQ files

  • Assembled, full-length sequence

  • Unique sequence counts