Loop Genomics Launches Long-Read PCR Amplicon Sequencing Kit and Service 


Loop Genomics Deploys new general purpose long-read library prep kit for any PCR Amplicon


November 14, 2019; San Jose, CA.  Loop Genomics has launched a new sample prep kit and service for long-read sequencing of long PCR Amplicons on Illumina sequencers.

With their new long-read, general purpose amplicon library prep kit researchers in any discipline with PCR fragments up to 3Kb can utilize Loop Genomics’ long-read technology.  Additionally, Loop’s service lab is currently processing orders for PCR fragments up to 6Kb.

Leveraging their ability to generate long-amplicon sequencing reads using Illumina sequencers and delivering long-read data with error rates that were unattainable before.  With example applications including but not limited to HLA, Pre-natal, Immune-repertoire, Oncology, CRISPR, Mutagenesis detection, Viral, Phage and Synthetic Biology this general purpose long-range PCR sequencing kit has a wide range of uses.


“We want researchers to gain valuable insight that only long-read sequencing data can provide them. Using Loop Genomics’ new kit researchers now have access to long-read sequencing data utilizing an Illumina sequencer that most labs already have”, says Tuval Ben Yehezkel PhD, CEO and founder of Loop Genomics.

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