Simple workflow with less pipetting.

Updated: Dec 13, 2018

Did you remember to add the enzyme? Did each tube receive the inhibitor cocktail? Where the heck did I put my samples?

Tracking samples while pipetting sucks. There, we said it. When we’re in the lab and test conditions for an experiment multiply, we become prone to making mistakes. One slip up can reduce confidence in all of the results. At Loop, we feel your pain and are doing something about it. By using barcoding technology, we can now multiplex 24 samples into a single tube. Check out the workflow:

Whenever a process can be multiplexed, you gain clarity of action in the lab. That’s why we designed our LoopSeq protocols to simplify the workflow via multiplexing. We take 24 of your genomic samples and individually tag them before pooling them into a single reaction tube.

The multiplexing has been a game changer for our team - not only saving hours in the lab (and reducing the need for re-work), but also providing confidence that the results we get are valid. All of which means it makes our jobs easier.

To learn more about the barcoding tech that enables the multiplexing, check out How It Works.