This kit provides a comprehensive survey and accurate relative abundance of every bacteria, eukaryote, and archae in microbiome samples. Genetic profiling is based on all 9 variable regions and relative abundance using barcode based molecular counting. It also features a multiplex workflow that pools 24 samples into a single tube with less than 3 hours of hands-on time.

It’s the perfect kit for labs looking to profile every microorganism in their sample.  This kit now works with for normal and low biomass samples allowing users to mix and match different sample types in one kit. Only 2-200 picograms of starting DNA are required for low input samples. Compatible with all Illumina instruments.*Compatible with all Illumina instruments.*

*HiSeqs, NextSeqs, and NovaSeqs are recommended for per base cost benefits.


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LoopSeq™ 16S & 18S Long Read Kit

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