This kit is a general purpose amplicon library prep kit researchers in any discipline with PCR fragments up to 4Kb can utilize to take advantage of Loop Genomics’ long-read technology. This kit features UMI that are added pre PCR for single-molecule counting eliminating PCR bias.  It also features a multiplex workflow that pools 24 samples into a single tube with less than 3 hours of hands-on time.

With example applications including but not limited to HLA, Pre-natal, Immune-repertoire, Oncology, CRISPR, Mutagenesis detection, Viral, Phage and Synthetic Biology this general purpose long-range PCR sequencing kit has a wide range of uses.

Compatible with all Illumina instruments.*

*HiSeqs, NextSeqs, and NovaSeqs are recommended for per base cost benefits.

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LoopSeq™ PCR Amplicon 24 sample Kit

  • $100 to any US desitination

  • Assay Time

    8.5 hours

    Hands-On Time 2.5 hours
    Mechanism of Action Synthetic long read sequencing
    Multiplexing Allows for 24 samples to be processed in one tube
    Input Quantity 10 ng genomic DNA (2 ng/ul)
    Category any linear dsDNA input
    System Compatibility

    HiSeq 2500, HiSeq 3000, HiSeq 4000, NextSeq,

    NovaSeq, MiniSeq, MiSeq

    Nucleic Acid Type DNA
    Method 2 x 150 Paired End (PE) sequencing
    Specialized Sample Types PCR products, genomes, metagenomes, synthetic DNA libraries, viruses
    Technology Assembly of a synthetic long reads form short reads
    Automation Capability Yes