Supercharge your research with the power of LoopSeq single-molecule, long-read Transcriptome sequencing.

APPLICATIONS: Identify both transcript abundance and isoforms


RNASeq kits based on short read technology requires you to only choose between abundance counting or transcript assembly.

Until now unique isoform detection had required yet another run on a long-read sequencer.


LoopSeq Transcriptome kits and services are the first solution that provides both transcript counting and phasing for mRNA using short-reads on Illumina sequencers.


With significantly reduced error rates compared to those of PacBio and ONT, Loop’s solution allows researchers to accurately determine not only transcript abundance but also unique isoforms.  

By utilizing Illumina sequencing instruments researchers can reduce costs and gain significant insights with a plug-and-play kit that uses low cost core consumables when compared to other long-read platforms.


A lab simply needs to replace their sample prep kits with Loop’s sample prep kits for their RNA experiments.  Loop Genomics has leveraged its synthetic long-read platform to create a new kit that answers not one but two fundamental questions that researchers often have in studying gene expression: which mRNA isoforms are expressed and how many transcripts from each isoforms are present.  

This kit operates in two modes as illustrated by the graph below.















The first mode is similar to Illumina's TruSeqTM products where we are looking at transcript abundance or gene expression.  The difference is that we are doing single-molecule counting and sequence several short reads per long-read transcript.  By single-molecule counting we are calculating true abundance and eliminating PCR bias.  With multiple targets per transcript we can report with more certainty on the transcripts found.


Look at the graph below to see our results vs. Illumina's for the ERCC control sample.

Notice the better linearity and match to expected values with the LooSeq kit.  Also notice that the Illumina TruSeqTM kit flat lines at the top of the graph :


Screen Shot 2019-08-25 at 10.16.37

How it works:



Input any mRNA molecule.



Every sample is exposed to millions of unique barcodes, but only one barcode attaches per mRNA molecule


Every molecule, along with its unique barcode, is amplified using PCR.


For each molecule copy, the barcode is randomly distributed within the molecule.


Sequence the segment next to each barcode.


Short reads that share the same barcode are combined algorithmically into a full-length molecule using linked-read de novo assembly.


Multiplex workflow

Pool all samples into a single tube.

Full-length transcripts

Single-molecule long-read transcript data.




Higher resolution sequence data.

UMI based Transcriptome counting

Barcode based quantification with no PCR bias.

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